Academic Committee

F.No. 220350/2009/KVS-RO(JBP)/AC/Misc. Date : 27-08-2009


The Principal,

All Kendriya Vidyalayas

Under Jabalpur Region

Sub : Inspection Reports reg.

Sir / Madam,

The first round of academic inspections by the Education Officers of the Region is almost completed but the reports submitted by the concerned Education Officers are not found encoursing. In spite of several verbal / written communications and discussions held in recent Principal�s Conference few of the following important grey areas are noticed:-

1. Maintenance of teachers diary.

2. Identification of slow and bright learners and remedial steps to be taken for these students (Schedule for remedial classes).

3. Distribution of students diary and split up syllabus.

4. Maintenance of the library and implementation of new library policy.

5. Regular conduction of practicals and display of practicals completion charts in the labs.

6. Discipline of the students.

7. Lack of sincerity towards duties among the teachers.

8. Cleanliness, repair and daily upkeep of the Vidyalaya.

9. Effective implementation of C M P in the Vidyalaya.

10. Assignment of innovative projects.

11. Record of short tests and slip tests for class X and XII students.

Now before the second round of inspection takes place you have to act very smartly to overcome these grey areas failing which suitable action will be initiated against those who fail to comply with statutory orders of the competent authority. Similarly you will be taken to task for not taking action against non-performing employees under your control.

Meeting of Regional Sports Control Board and Divisional Association of Bharat Scouts and Guides have already been conducted and minutes of these meetings will be circulated shortly. However, looking the urgency for conduction of the activities the revised dates and venues have already been circulated to all the Vidyalayas.

The revised schedules for the activities has been circulated as per instructions of KVS (HQ) due to Swine flu. For this epidemic disease you along with the team of your teachers are to be very careful, any minor symptoms, abnormal behaviour of the child is to be keenly observed to avoid any further complications.

It is expected that by the time you receive this letter activities at Vidyalaya level must have been completed, students and team of the students will be getting prepared to participate for Cluster and Regional Level activities. What they require is the moral boosting and cooperation of the teachers for their better performance in forthcomings activities. You have to keep in mind students are not deprived of participating in the activities.

Your efforts would be appreciated if all the teachers and students are registered for think.com.

Few of cases of immoral behaviour toward the girls students by the teachers are reported, appropriate action is in the process but these cases can be avoided by having a strict vigil on the abnormal behaviour of teachers and even of the students. Required is immediate action, (reporting of the incidence to Chairman / Assistant Commissioner / Education Officer and conduction of inquiry by the Committee formed at Vidyalaya level.

The contents of the letter is to be brought into the notice of all the concerns of your Vidyalaya.

With Best Wishes

- To monitor academic innovations/experiments in KVs in the region.

S. No.
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